Small Business Website Package
Many businesses just need a simple web presence. Our basic web design and hosting package will get you up and running. Priced at  $795.00.
Website Maintenance
We can provide you and your organization with the extensive website maintenance or technology consulting service coverage you need.
Existing Site Enhancement/Evaluation/Revision
Not sure if it is time for a redesign? Many small business sites were initially done to "get something up" on the web.  While you may have a functional site, the bar has  been raised.  Your website is now probably your most important marketing tool for current and prospective clients.  If it's time to update, we specialize in giving your site an updated look and feel.
E-Mail Newsletter Marketing/List Management
WebsEtc. Design provides search engine optimization & submission services for every kind of website.
Hosting Set-up/Domain Registration
If you have not begun the process of setting up your site, we can make the arrangements for you, registering your domain name and providing hosting services.

Website HELP! - Design Assistance

Need some help with your site, but don't want to turn it over to someone else?  We can help you with learning software, programming or graphic optimization for your site.

Section 508 Compliance

Countless numbers of people who regularly use the internet have either a visual or auditory disability. It is now common for sites to be designed so that they can be read and understood by everyone.  In most cases (government agencies) adherence to these standards is now a legal requirement.  We have assisted in ensuring compliance for several government agencies.

Search Engine Optimization
WebsEtc Design provides search engine optimization & submission services for every kind of website. Research shows that 85% of web traffic comes from search engines. But if your site is not ranked high enough on the search engines (e.g. after the third page of the search result), none of that traffic will come to you.

Additional Services


    Guestbooks & Chatrooms are used as a method to gather feedback, provide users with a vehicle to request information or interact; and/or to expand a mailing list. It can be useful if you are providing something in return for this information, such as discounts, coupons, or another incentive.



    The addition of a "shopping cart" opens up a whole new area to increase sales while providing customer convenience.  It's important to ensure your business has the resources to administer the new business this feature generates!  We can build a shopping cart to your specifications, and make recommendations about credit card processing options.


    Order forms are a frequently used interactive feature of websites, particularly now that the web is frequently being used to run online "errands" such as shopping, requesting material, or communicating with a vendor or business entity.   Forms can be included on your site to send you this information via email, or securely transmitted (if the information warrants this feature).


    PDF files (utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader) are now the standard for many types of documentation found on the internet.  Manuals,  documentation, other large amounts of information are often presented in PDF format.   If you have detailed text content you would like users to be able to print or view (read only) in PDF, we can convert your documentation.

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E-Mail Newsletters/List Management
proven as the most effective method of driving traffic to your website!

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