Step 1 - What are your goals?  Do you want your website to...

  • Advertise your business/attract new customers?

  • Sell products or services ? (E-commerce)

  • Communicate a message?

  • Provide information to existing clients?

  • Act as an information "clearinghouse" or library?

  • Provide customer support?

  • Provide additional information about your product or service?

  • Gather information, data, and/or feedback?

  • Advertise employment opportunities?

  • Introduce your staff?

  • Provide office hours, maps and driving directions?

  • List frequently asked questions?

  • Archive newsletters

  • Make printable forms available?

  • Provide a means for employees to gather company info?

  • All of the above?

Clarifying these goals are important in reaping the benefits of having a website.  Remember, you can always start off with a small site with basic information and expand it in the future!*

* Some clients aren't interested in the details; they simply want a terrific finished product. If that describes you, all you need to do is provide the text and print graphics, and we'll do the rest. 

Step 2 - Gather your materials (and ideas)... These materials may include:

  • company brochures and/or catalogs
  • press releases
  • articles written about your company
  • newsletters
  • company logos
  • staff and/or product photographs
  • building or office pictures

The rest of the process between you and WebsEtc. follows: 

First...(WebsEtc + Client)

  • Determine your website objectives

  • Develop your budget

  • Develop a proposal/Start work!

Starting the Project...(WebsEtc  + Client)

  • Prepare timeline 

  • Set up hosting, if necessary

  • Collection of artwork and other information 

Site Production... (WebsEtc)

  • Create your website template

  • Site coding and graphics creation

  • Programming, if necessary

Draft to Client... (WebsEtc)

  • Discussion of site

  • Make adjustments, if necessary

  • Go Live! on the internet!

Etc... (WebsEtc)

  • Register with top search engines 
  • Discuss maintenance plan & future goals for your site


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