How do I get started?

Refer to our process page to take you through a website project from start to finish!

How long does it take to get a new web site up and running?

A small to mid-sized site takes approximately 6 weeks to be posted online once we receive all necessary materials from you. We will have a clearer picture of the timeline once we have received all the materials and have a good idea about the size of your project.

What are the continuing costs of maintaining a  web site once it is developed?

It is important to remember that a website should be dynamic. It is an ongoing work in progress, in most cases.  We can continually maintain and manage your site on an as-needed basis.

The main costs to consider (on an annual basis) are:

The initial design/development fees, will of course, depend upon the size and complexity of your site.

Who provides the content for my website?

The customer provides the text and content for their website. The text should be well-written, edited, grammar-checked, and ready to be shown to the public. The text can be sent on a floppy disk or as an email attachment. This greatly reduces the time it takes to build your site, and it is recommended that it be provided in this fashion. 

How will people find my website?

Putting a website online without marketing it is like writing a book and not having a publisher.  At minimum, it is strongly advisable to have the site submitted to the major search engines so the site can begin to have some visibility.  Continuing this practice on a yearly basis, and finding other ways to advertise the site (like listing on specific directories within the web) can be very beneficial in attracting visitors. You can also choose to buy advertising banners to place on other, well-traveled sites, and place reciprocal links on other sites.  Although there is a cost involved in these activities, they have proven to be well worth the effort.  Just like any other business, with a website it is necessary to find ways to attract and maintain customers. We can make recommendations and assist you with this! 

I am not located in close proximity to WebsEtc.  Is it difficult to communicate on that basis?

We perform work for numerous clients all over the US.  Since most materials can be transferred by e-mail, and all the work is done in our office, proximity is not a problem.  We will stay in close contact with you!


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